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The Company.
Eastern Pacific Instruments Ltd is a full service computer company focused on meeting the computing needs of small businesses. Typically our customers do not need a full time computer or network support department and use our services as required on an hourly basis, or by arrangement on a monthly retainer. Having said this we realize our customers do need responsive service in an emergency situation and flexible service at other times.
We have 30+ years of experience in this fast moving business and are committed to providing the best solutions for our customers. Our preference is to build a long-term relationship with our customers by providing cost effective superior service and support to them. We want to take your computer challenges away so that you can focus on your core business.
The Services.

Consulting services.

Whether it is the purchase of a single computer, the planning of a multiserver or peer-to-peer network, or simply evaluating software, we like to listen to our customer's requirements and then develop a report or project plan with them to meet those requirements.

Upgrade and installation service.

We can build computers and computer networks to meet our customer's requirements, and also offer complete installation or upgrading of networks, servers, workstations and software. Our prices and warranties are competitive with the local marketplace and we offer prompt delivery.

Internet services.

E-commerce sites, web sites, graphic design, web site tracking data, search engine submission, Internet connection setup, e-mail services, firewalls, and virus protection are all part of our Internet offering

Preventative services.

When functioning properly modern computer systems are quite reliable. However they do require management to maintain this level of reliability. As part of this service we keep a current system log in which we track all changes to the system hardware and software. We also provide regular cleaning and diagnostic testing of the system and will ensure that updates from software vendors are applied.

Backup services.

Backup is more than simply saving inportant data off site. We look at how long it would take to put a crashed system or network back in to operation and then implement the appropriate strategy. This means looking at how often backup needs to be done and of which data. Identifying any single points of failure and a work around strategy when they fail. It also means testing the strategy by simulating a crash and then by restoring the system or network to operation.

Security services.

The need for security on a single computer at home may seem unreasonable. However after several games or some vintage software has been installed, often the reliability of the system suffers. If the system is connected to the Internet the situation can rapidly get worse as users download untested software or a computer virus. Computer viruses, which are a constant threat, really can do damage to the software on a system. In a network situation the problem can be much worse and unfortunately there are people and companies who will try to take advantage of systems and networks that are not properly secured. This ranges from local users accessing systems improperly, to hackers with malicious intent.
We consult with the companies that we deal with to determine the level of security that is appropriate for them and then suggest a set of rules and products that will meet those needs.

Remedial services.

We normally respond to remedial maintenance calls within 30 minutes by phone. We then schedule a mutually convenient on site time within the hours of 8:30 am to 8:30 pm Monday to Friday, or 9 am to 6 pm on weekends to resolve the problem. At our descretion and in consultation with our customers we will work outside these hours at our overtime rate.

Emergency services.

Our effort here is to provide same day on-site service and to continue working on the problem within the hours of 8:30 am to 8:30 pm until it is resolved.We apply a 1-hour surcharge for this priority offering. At our discretion and in consultation with our customer we will work outside the above hours at our overtime rate.


We normally respond to calls in the order that they are received, however emergency calls will take precedence. For scheduled maintenance those customers who have us on a monthly retainer plan will take precedence over customers who do not.


Our fees for scheduled on-site time are $70 per hour billable to the nearest 15 minutes with a 1-hour minimum.

For emergency response the first hour is billable at $140 and the remainder at $70 per hour with a 1-hour minimum.

We do not usually charge for phone support in normal business hours where the call is less than five minutes duration. We charge $1.00 per minute for calls over 5 minutes with a minimum billing of $5.00.

For those customers who prefer a fixed monthly computer services cost we like to prepare a quote. This could be a fixed monthly retainer with or without billing over a certain number of hours.

Off site Internet work such as web site construction and e-mail management are normally $50 per hour.

E-commerce site and on-line database management are billed at $100 per hour.

Reasonable costs such as long distance travel; ferry costs are billed at cost, plus $35 per hour travel time.

In the event that we decide to use one of our associates for a specific project our billing will depend on our cost for this particular case. We will in this case advise our customers prior to doing the work.

Terms and conditions

Working Hours

Normal working hours for EPI Ltd are from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm Monday to Friday and (9am to 6pm Saturday or Sunday. Work performed outside these hours is considered overtime work.


The full amount of all bills owing to EPI Ltd is due within 30 days from delivery of an invoice to the customer. Delivery of the invoice may be via e-mail or physically. Late payment charges are 2% per month.

Eastern Pacific InstrumentsLtd (EPI Ltd), makes every reasonable effort to provide services as stated but cannot be held responsible for circumstances that prevent them providing any services, that are beyond their control. This may include inability to obtain parts, software or appropriate documentation for equipment. Verbal quotations for services, hardware, software pricing and delivery, must be put into writing to be binding. Normally all warranties will default to the original manufacturers warranty unless otherwise expressly agreed to by the customer and EPI Ltd. EPI Ltd makes every effort to keep their electronic communications with the customer free from virus's and the like. Regrettably, EPI cannot and will not accept any liability for damage caused by any Computer Viruses however introduced into a customers system.


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